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Little Doctors Program Is Life-Saving Success

The Fifth Annual Little Doctors Program in North Babylon was a life-saving success this year as 4th graders from all the elementary schools in the district assisted donors as "little doctors" and helped out in the Marion G. Vedder and Parliament Place blood drives. Students who volunteered enjoyed the experience of helping to save lives in their community and of assisting and thanking those that came in to give blood.

Community and staff members demonstrated their altruism as the number of donations increased from 31 last year to 45 this year at Marion G. Vedder Elementary School and from 14 donations to 30 donations at Parliament Place Elementary School. Noticing the increase in blood donations, Doreen Fiscina, Account Manager for Long Island Blood Services, remarked, "I would agree that this past drive has been by far the best!"

Drew Olson, the Parliament Place Principal, called the event "a worthwhile experience for fourth graders." All fourth graders in the district had an in-school program brought by Long Island Blood Services so that they could learn all about the major components of blood, the function of blood, and the reasons why donating blood is so important. "Since 1 pint of blood helps to save the lives of as many as 3 people, North Babylon donors helped to save the lives of over 225 people," commented Susan Lingenfelter, Manager of Business Development for Long Island Blood Services.